Chloe Kroll

Realtor, Mindset Coach & Host of Failure To Launch Podcast

Hello, friends! I am Chloe and I talk (a lot). I have a passion for writing and sharing my life and the things I experience with the world, hoping it may reach the right people someday, to inspire and motivate them.

I am a up-and-coming RealtorĀ®. Since I was young, I have been watching HGTV shows (kind of weird, I know.) I am ready to dominate the market with my dream job to help people buy their dream homes.

I am a woman, I am powerful, I am a leader, and I am an advocate to make sure all females know their worth to dominate their career and their lives.

Listen, I am on a journey. I am on a journey to success. Success is not just about a monetary value, it is about the love, peace, and acceptance you hold for yourself. It is about loving what you do everyday, in all aspects of life. It is about having a great group of people to support you through the trials and tribulations. It is about how many more times you can stand back up when you fall down. I am here to empower women, to remind women of their power.

Follow me on this journey.

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