Dear anyone who ISN’T a husker fan,

Most don’t understand what it means to be a “husker fan”. So, I’d like to clear it up.

After our loss to Iowa, I’ve seen a lot of Iowa fans say things like “Not a husker fan anymore, huh?” and etc. As all Husker fans know, our football season hasn’t been  doing well. 5-7. Well I wanted to clear it up to those of who don’t understand what it means to be a “husker fan”.

A loss to any of our teams/individuals in Nebraska including, volleyball, football, soccer, basketball, track, wrestling, etc., does not and will not effect a Nebraska fan. I am a fan of the state and people that live here. I am a fan of the kindness the people here have. I am a fan of how we Nebraskans DO talk to strangers and when we do it’s as if we have talked before. One word: Runza.  I am a fan of how MUCH BETTER OUR DRIVING IS HERE. (Although, we still do have some idiots out there.)

Have you ever seen a Nebraska sunset?

I am a fan of our fan base and how even when it is 20 degrees outside, heck we could be in a blizzard, and the Nebraska stadium will still be filled with laughter and joy. The Bob Devaney Sports Center is always filled. I a m a fan of how Nebraska is even ranked number 6 for the happiest places in America. (With places like Hawaii and Alaska in front, well duh, those are beautiful places.)


We can be frustrated with our Husker teams and how they played because that’s how any person reacts to a loss with a team they love, but I can assure you, losing a game will not effect me or any other “die hard” Husker fan and most of you need to realize what it means to be a Husker Fan. You can tell us how poorly the Husker’s played all you want, and believe me, we are all aware, but it’s not going to change the love that I have for this place.

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