an open letter to my future husband



Dear future husband,

I promise try to make you smile and laugh every single day. Because I know that they will probably be very important to me. I promise to try to have dinner waiting for you every single night. (A good dinner too! After all, I’m determined to be an excellent cook!) I promise try to tell you that “I love you” more than twice a day, and on most days, probably even more. I promise to be truthful towards you, and I promise to be faithful to you. I promise that I will always remind you how important you are to me because it’s always important to remind your husband of those things. I promise to find time for just you and I to enjoy, even through our possible hectic schedules. And to at least go out together once or twice a month. I promise to give you a wonderful family. I promise to never be ungrateful for what I have, and not to be selfish. I promise to always respect your opinion, if you respect mine.

We will always work together as a team, and be a marriage through God. We will teach His word to our children and show them the importance of having Him in your life. We will never yell in front of our children, simply to show them how to respect your significant other and to show them that anger is never the way to solve your problems. In fact, yelling at each other will never be an option. I promise I will always do my best to calmly talk to you about an issue if there is ever one. I am aware somedays may be more difficult than others, and I hope you are ready to defeat those days with me.

I am sorry for the times that anger may get the best of me. Although I promise to always do my best to remind myself of how great of a life I have. I am sorry if I accidentally get caught up in an activity and forget about the rest of the world for a while. I am sorry for my impatience, and the need to have things right away. I am sorry for maybe getting too caught up in our new born baby, and forgetting about you once and while. (Although I keep telling myself I won’t do that, since it’s a common thing new mothers do… I’m sure it may happen without me realizing it..) I’m sorry (kind of, not really, hehe) for the times that I will prank you throughout the day just to have some fun with you. And I will expect you will do the same back to me. Be prepared for war.

Please tell me when you need time alone, and I will give it to you as I know you would do the same for me. Please know you can always talk to me about anything and everything if you’d like too. As the years go by, please don’t lose your smile and sense of humor. Please dance with me anywhere and everywhere.

Never forget the love I have for you. I married you for a reason, you know. Thank you for accepting me and all my flaws. Thank you for being apart of my life. Thank you for teaching me new things about myself that I didn’t know. Thanks for being my happiness and joy. Thank you for providing for our family. Thank you for loving me.

Thank you for being awesome.

Your future wife,



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