Do you realize how AWESOME our God is?

The Lord is constantly there helping me. I feel Him all of the time. I wish I could be one of those people that could actually hear His voice, although maybe someday I’ll get too. So He can be like, “dude, don’t say that…” or “Chloe, are you seriously about to do that?” But it is truly for the better, since He is constantly helping me learn from my mistakes and figure things out on my own.

But you wanna know what He has been helping me with lately?

My patience.

I have the worst patience in the world. I have road rage, and I HATE when people walk in the middle of the road at like Walmart or something. Rrg, that will really get me mad.

But I asked God to help me with my patience recently, and oh boy He really is working on those with me.

This morning is when I really realized it what was happening.

I was headed into town to go to school, and what I felt like was the 100th time this has happened to me in a week, I get behind someone who decided to drive 50mph all the 7 miles into town. Now, with my road rage, I usually get really mad and ask why in the world this person is going 50 when the sign says 60???? I am literally yelling and maybe sometimes cursing.

A few months ago when I tried to pass someone that was going about 55, I passed them rather quickly and went about 80 mph to pass them….. yeah I got pulled over and got a 200 dollar speeding ticket and had to take the stop class. Thats just a wonderful example with how bad my road rage can be.

Anyways, I ended up behind this semi going about 50. But I didn’t do anything. I wasn’t angry. I didn’t yell. I just sat there behind this semi, and occasionally glanced down at my speedometer to check and see if he has sped up to soon realize he didn’t. I continued to listen to my music. I was just pulling into town behind this semi and I realized, “wow, I didn’t get mad there at all.” Then I giggled. It went into two lanes there so I then passed the semi. I realized what God had been doing. Without me realizing there for a second, God was working through me. He was helping me with my patience, and putting peace in my mind.

I’ve also been taking many trips to Omaha with my mother because of my dental appointments, and we have been going to stores sometimes also. As she gets mad and yells at the people standing in the middle of the road, something I would usually be yelling about too, I have been saying “Oh mom, just be patient”

Hypocritical or no?

Hopefully sometime soon I can say no……..

It’s so incredible to feel the Lord work through you in simple ways. The Lord never fails to deliver. Ask and He’ll deliver.

“Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7


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