i want to live a perfect life

I want to live a perfect life. Sure, who doesn’t? But when I use the word “perfect” I mean

I want to feel the pain of having kids, that beautiful and awful pain that tells yourself that you did it. You just freaking MADE a child. I want to hear my screaming babies cry, the cry that tells me he/she is hungry.

I want to learn to cook, and fail so many times. I want to have to tell my husband and kids that I’m sorry, I burnt the food. We will have to go out for pizza. I want them to watch me grow, so someday I won’t burn the food anymore and I will make delicious meals just like my mother makes.

I want to try and fail until I succeed. I want to challenge myself daily. I want to challenge my mind and my soul. I want to be ambitious every day. I never want to go a day in my life not wanting more from myself, or expecting it.

I want to write a book someday. I want to write a book about this perfect life. The life that challenges me everyday to be a better person. To be the best person that I can.

I want to love with all my heart. I want to love the ocean and have it love me back. I want to love my  (future) children and love the children that don’t have someone to love them. I want to love my (future) husband more and more each day and never give him a reason to believe that all marriages end up sad.

That’s what would make my life perfect. When it would be completely imperfect. 

That might sound completely crazy, and may not make much sense whatsoever… but I believe in this perfect life full of challenges. I believe in my ambitious mind so much that I KNOW with all my heart and soul that I will get to live this life, and I am starting it right now.

I want to share with the world all I know about my wonderful God. A loving God. A caring God. A God that answers your prayers. A God that sometimes I don’t understand. A God that has given me ambition. A God that never lets me down. A God that will give me this “perfect life” because He loves me.

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