Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy

So, I’m sitting at the pool right now. 

I always feel more inclined to write something more inspirational when I’m outside in the warm weather. I don’t know why. Although, I debated on this because to be honest… Blogging on your phone is rather difficult. 

Anyways, the song Take it Easy by Eagles played. And I love that song, but as I was listening to it, the verse “Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy” really made me start to think…

We spend so much of our lifetime not doing things we want to do because of our own thoughts. We allow our own thoughts to destroy our inner peace. Fear is a great example that…  For example, I love the ocean and I want to go cliff jumping and all of that because it sounds so fun… But I am terrified of the open ocean/water and not knowing what may be underneath me. I am that same way in a lake too. It terrifies me. This can also go with my most recent blog post about fearing birth and motherhood. Most women fear birth so we just completely disregard the idea altogether. 

We allow our lives to be controlled by our own fears and for the most part we don’t even realize it. We allow a silly spider to make us completely overreact and freak out, which is totally me.

 We allow the fear of failing to stop us from even trying. It’s been so hard for me to actually stay consistent with blogging because I was afraid no one would be interested in reading what I had to say… I was afraid to fail. And that’s also how I feel towards vlogging. I have posted 2 vlogs about 2 weeks ago and ever since then I haven’t because I had about 50 views, so I was afraid to fail and that no one would ever watch them. The fear of failing prevents us from even trying most times.

At nights, many times, we spend so much time over thinking things. So much to the point where we get upset and begin think irrationally. We create problems that weren’t ever really there to begin with. In this sense, we are letting the sounds of our own wheels drive us crazy. It is only natural for the brain to create unnecessary problems. But then we have our frontal cortex which allows us to CHOOSE how we respond to these sorts of things. We really do have the choice to “take it easy”, we just have to choose and figure out how to rise above those crazy thoughts inside our heads that prevent us from peace in our life that we deserve. Not allowing fear to control our life, and allow our mind to create problems that weren’t actually ever there. 

So my friends, I hope you can take that line to heart…

Take it easy, take it easy. Don’t the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy.

And take it easy.

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