what I’ve learned in my 19 years of life

I had this weird inspiration to write this. I don’t know why, and I don’t necessarily know what I am going to say in this, but here it goes.

1. Listen to your parents, most often than not, they are right.

We all have arguments with our parents and then 99.99% go off to our friends and talk about how they don’t know anything and blah blah blah. It’s not until later in life that you realize they were completely right. I know you think they haven’t gone through the stuff you have gone through, but they have. And they are usually right. I say “usually” because we all have different opinions on things, and I have different opinions from what my parents believe and that doesn’t make them right or wrong.

2. Love SO hard, or not at all.

It’s totally okay to have a relationship in high school, (or in general) I did all of my years of high school. So many relationships now a days are used to just give the other person “company”. Whether you both have that same perspective on each other or not, it’s wrong and just don’t do it. I believe if you want to love someone, you must love them fully. Not sometimes and sometimes you do.

3. The amount of likes/retweets you get on your social media doesn’t not determine your self-value.

That is pretty self explanatory. We live in a world now a days where this is big. How many likes you get on a selfie does not determine how pretty you are, nice you are, how smart you are, etc. Don’t let that idea that is floating around get stuck inside your head.

4. Family is everything

It’s okay to stay home on Friday nights or Saturday nights and just be with your family. Even if you’re not doing anything, it is good for you. Don’t get home from school and go downstairs and sit in your room all night, either. Talk to your family, or don’t talk at all. Being with them is better than not at all.

5. Having 1 -2 really good friends is better then 5-6 “so so” friends.

It gets really hard to have that many friends that you are truly faithful too. And them all being truly faithful back to you. Especially when it comes to girls, having a group of friends that is large can be a ton of drama.

6. Be kind. To everyone.

This may be hypocritical on my part -I know somedays we all struggle with being nice to people, because sometimes…….. well, you know. But try to wake up everyday with a smile or aim to make someone else smile (someone who may really need it) everyday. It will make you feel so much better, and of course it will make someone else feel better. I struggled with this and I continue to struggle with it, but some of you that read this may not. So either way, just TRY.

7. Don’t take the people you love for granted. Don’t take anything for granted.

You never know when you might lose someone you love. Make sure the people you love know you love them. Make them smile. Help them when they need it. Don’t ignore them. Don’t take these people for granted and think they will always be around because they might not be. Whether it be mom, dad, sister, brother, friend, a family member, or significant other. These are the people we love and make sure they know it every day. Truly know it. In fact, don’t take anything in life for granted. That is one the hardest things to do and it’s something as humans, we do naturally. But try so very hard not to.

8. Make your own choices. Don’t let someone influence you.

Sometimes it is hard to make your own choices and people will influence you. I am a person who can be influenced very easily, and I have been before. But nothing is more stupid then not making your own choice to do something. No matter what it be. Nothing is cool about being pressured and influenced into something, and like I said, been there and done that.

9. Be you

DON’T LET SOMEONE STOP YOU FROM BEING YOU. YOU ARE SPECIAL. LET YOURSELF SHINE. Nothing is less attractive then being someone your not or wishing to be someone else. Whether it be your looks, personality, IQ, etc. You are what you are for a reason. Rise above the negativity you will come across in your life about those things. Being yourself is the most attractive thing a person can be. (also why I am so in love with my boyfriend, 110% not afraid to be himself) Confidence is key.

I really wish I could think of a 10th one because tbh, no one likes to stop on an odd number. That seriously sucks

Anyways, those are some things I have learned in my 19 years of life. My ALMOST 19 years.

I am 19 in 25 days, hehe.

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