if you’ve been heartbroken, consider yourself blessed

It sucks getting your heartbroken.

There isn’t any other feeling like it. No amount of pain could equal up to it. If getting your heartbroken could be compared to any physical pain, I would compare it to getting punched in the gut 10 times then waiting a day, then doing it over and over and over and over again. It’s like re-opening a scar, letting it heal, then opening it again. Because unfortunately, you don’t get over a heartbreak in a day.

I know how badly it sucks. I used to compare my heartbreak to others and say that they had no idea because they were only together for a few months or a year, and we were together for 4 years. But I’ve figured something out…

heart breaks all feel the exact same, they all equally hurt as bad as the other. 


Heartbreaks are a blessing.

We always come out stronger than ever. We come out confident. We come out clear-minded and we come out independent. It takes a certain kind of strengthen to dig down deep inside ourselves to recognize that.

Whether we are able to get over our heartbreak in a week, a month, or a year, we eventually will. And when you do, you get the opportunity to see life at an entire different perspective. You will to see how you deserve to be loved just as much as you loved them, and you realize that someday you will be. You will realize that the relationship ended for a reason, and you will be okay with it. You will learn that for awhile, you only missed the RELATIONSHIP and not the person. Because no matter what happened, the good memories always gave you a reason keep on trying for a little bit longer.

You will find someone who notices the way your nose scrunches when you smile and talk to a baby. Someone who notices all your bad habits and flaws but loves them anyways. You will find someone who enjoys the way you look no matter what time of day it is. Someone someday, will notice everything there is to notice about you. They will study your behaviors and attitudes and what they mean, they will do it because it is interesting to them and not because they are trying to figure you out. They will enjoy going every single day possibly not knowing what may be running through your mind at the time. They will laugh at your jokes even if they heard it 100 times because they will love the your persistence.

We are human though of course. As much as I wish we did, we are not happy every second of the day. So in that case…

You will also find someone who pisses you off. They will press your buttons when you’re upset over silly things and when you get upset, they will laugh about it because you don’t see how irrational you’re truly being. You’re going to get even more upset because they’re purposely making you upset, but as soon as they start to laugh and smile at you, whatever you were mad about goes away, even though you’re going to pretend it is still there. This person is going to come home in a bad mood and they aren’t going to want to talk to you. You will argue about why they’re bringing their bad attitude back home and taking it out on you. You will bicker, and you will fight. You will annoy each other, and some nights one of you might be sleeping on the couch.

No relationship is perfect because no person is perfect.

But you will find someone who won’t break your heart, and who isn’t going to leave you. They aren’t going to leave you because through every sad, mad, and happy moment, they couldn’t imagine spending those moments with anyone else.

So before you think about trying to get that person back again, or think about crying because you miss them, remember why the relationship ended. Remember that it ended for the best. Because someone that truly and deeply loves you, will never EVER leave you.

Your heartbreak may not feel like a blessing right now, but I promise that it is. I promise that you’re still going to fall in love again someday. I promise you will get married and have kids because no matter how many times we get hurt in the world, we are still capable of loving.

Turn your heartbreak into something positive. LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE. Look at yourself in the mirror until you can realize how truly awesome you are and you don’t need a man/woman to tell you that. Love your damn self. Love the way all your freckles, your stretch marks, your tiny waist, your long legs, etc.


No one will ever love you, if you don’t learn to love yourself.

So consider yourself lucky if your heart has been broken, because you’re one step closer to a stronger and better you. And you’re one step closer to finding someone even better.


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