success – baby steps

Hi everyone! Today, I want talk about success with you.

What does success mean to you? The format of this blog is similar to my last post but, in my last post I was asking what “independence” meant to you.

If you’re here and you’re taking the time to read my blog, I really want you guys to engage in my writing. I want you to think. So I like to ask questions so you can take a second or two to think of whatever it is that I may be asking.

So again, what does success mean to you?

If we were going to look at the actual definition of it in google, it would be this:

  1. the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

What have you done in your life that you feel you have been successful in? Do you feel that success is the end result of a goal you may have?

I ask these questions because I was sitting here and going through my blog and I’ve been noticing a lot more traffic on one of my posts (see which one here) and I was curious as to what my total views have been in the last year for my blog as a whole, and I came to find out it was about 10,000 views. That was a personal goal of mine. To start at 1,000, then 10,000, etc. which can all be found in my Life List tab on my home page.

Success is about baby steps. I think often times we create one, outrageous goal for ourselves KNOWING how long it’ll take to get there but not creating smaller goals in front of it. It’s so important to see success in smaller forms before seeing it in a big form, or meaning, to create smaller goals and achieving them before creating a big goal and achieving it.  My end goal is to hopefully make money off my blog someday, but in the meantime I need to create smaller goals so I can see the progress. I can see that I have reached 1,000 views, and now I have achieved another goal of 10,000 views then so on and so forth.

My blog isn’t the only place I have created many smaller goals to reach one big end goal.

This goes for my career as well. I want to be very successful in the Real Estate Industry someday. But how do I do that? Where do I start? You start by focusing on the success you can create now. Start a job that is in the same area as real estate, which I have achieved already and I am a leasing specialist for apartment complex’s. This will help me better understand the area I will be working in (even though I am encouraging renting at this level vs. buying as a real estate agent.) and become skilled in convincing and encouraging people to rent at our property. While I do that, I can create success while attending real estate school. I think we all have a good idea what it looks like to be successful in school 😉 STUDY, STUDY, STUDY, A’S, A’S, A’S!!!

Last weekend when I was at work and I had a older gentlemen come in searching for an apartment and after talking to him about his options and showing him an apartment, we were walking back to the office him and I talked a little and I talked him about my career path and how I planned to go into real estate and once we got back to the office he thanked me for everything and as he walking out the door he pointed his finger at me and said “You’re gonna be a winner someday. You have the right personality and you’re gonna be great.” YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY I WAS TO HEAR THAT!!!!

That is just a few of the many goals I have set in stone for myself to achieve. Again, it’s about seeing the progress. Seeing that you CAN be successful in accomplishing these goals you create for yourself.

Another one I am starting on right now is buying a house by summer of 2019. I am barely 21 years old, how in the world do I do THAT? I started with asking my boyfriends parents about what we can do and how we can do it and they gave me SO much information (thanks guys)! Now it is kind of a waiting game, but all I can do at this point is do things that will benefit myself and my boyfriend when the time comes such as, building credit, learning more about loans, looking at what things are being bought and sold for, what a good budget would be for us.

It’s all about BABY STEPS (or baby goals, if you will, he-he).

I think so many times we create this huge goal but don’t know how to get there and we don’t take the time to figure out how we need to get there. So we have created this huge goal and just stick a pin in it and we forget about it there.

When a baby learns to walk, what is the FIRST thing we get excited about?

“Oh my goodness, he took his very first step!”

That’s the very first goal, first achievement, the first success. We don’t blow that off and get excited in 15 years when he can run his first mile, right? It’s about the first steps.

To be successful, you must love what you do and work hard for it. You can’t ever expect to wake up one day and earn $1,000,000 (and for you smartasses out there… the lottery doesn’t count ;-)). You work for that, you earn it. You have to work hard, study, sacrifice, and repeat. Find what you love and be the best at it. When that man told me I would be a winner someday, even though it wasn’t on my list of goal set in line to become the best real estate agent I can be, it was a way to show that I am down the right path and it was definitely a confident booster!


Bottom line, create success in smaller forms by achieving smaller goals to build confidence in yourself. Find what you love to do, be passionate about it, work hard, and do whatever it takes to be the best at it and I promise you’ll never fail.

“Some people dream of success, while others wake up in the mornings and make it happen.” – Wayne Huizenga



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