note to self – Ben Rector

Note to self,

Clean the living room, do the things you don’t wanna do

Note to self, get some exercise. Feels bad and you have to try, but as far as i can tell that’s just the way life goes.

Note to self, don’t let yourself worry quite as much, it’ll end up fine enough it always has up until now.

Something else, you should think of people a little more.

You can listen to this song. Hear the rest of the lyrics (if you haven’t just do it now before you continue reading this… thanks)

This song was a good reminder for me this week. Everyone has bad days, a bad week or bad month. Not every single day is perfect or is it going to be, and that’s okay.

Me, I’ve had a bad week.

That’s okay, though.

Sometimes my thoughts are overwhelming, work is stressful, etc. and a friend of mine reminded me that no matter what, you’re always entitled to your feelings. It’s okay to cry. Crying is healthy. That was a good reminder for me this week.

I think it’s so important to accept your bad days instead of fighting it. Does that make sense?

We all get sick sometimes. I get sinus infections a few times a year. Strep throat. Neither of those things are gone in a day. It takes a few days and sometimes a week. I think this can go for mental health too. Sometimes we just get “sick”. Ya know?

It’s so common for people to make themselves believe their is something wrong with them just because they wake up a few times and they don’t mentally feel well.

I was guilty of that this week. Feeling like i was broken, or i was going back to how i used to be, or i wasn’t entitled to how i felt and i couldn’t talk about it because it was a burden.

I didn’t want to ignore it because I’ve found ignoring your problems and sticking them onto the back burner does not and will never solve the problem. It’s going boil over at some point if you don’t watch it and take care of it.

Strength is in those that can persevere.

Countless times I have displayed to myself how strong I truly am and can be and in the classiest way possible. As I always like to say it, i AM that bitch. Period.

One of biggest flaws (which i believe can truly be a blessing and curse depending on the situation) is my constant need of approval from everyone and anyone. Always feeling like I have to change who I am in front of different people. (And again, this is ok and not ok is certain aspects I believe). I struggled this week figuring out who I was because of this.

Let me tell you WHO I am for those of you that don’t know:

1. I am Chloe.

2. I love to dance, even though i don’t know how. And I’m a blast. How I dance is not for attention from anyone and it never will be. Period.

3. I love tattoos. I am going to have a lot. That’s fine. It’s my money and i will spend it now I choose.

4. I’m loud and annoying when i drunk. That’s fine. Byeeee.

5. I love people. I love meeting people. I love talking to people. But not too many new people at once, it gives me anxiety.

6. I don’t know what i believe it when it comes to politics. And whatever I do believe isn’t gonna change the world so I choose not to discuss it and prefer you not to discuss it around me.

7. I’ve learned a lot about astrology recently and i dig it.

If there’s anything I’m sure about, it is that. There’s more I’m sure, but I’m not trying to bore anyone.

Don’t change who you are for anyone. People will ride with you or they won’t and that’s fine.

Note to Self

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