just do the damn thing

In my last post, I talked about my 2020 goals.

I am going to expand a little bit more on that last post.

Yesterday, I had a thought.

I was thinking how everything that has fallen apart this last year, has fallen apart at such a great time. (does that even make sense???)

I got myself into some pretty bad financial debt, I don’t work out anymore, I am just now starting school, I honestly don’t know how to cook, I have bad day-to-day habits, a lot of excuses as to why I am not doing any of those things, etc. etc.

I have fallen apart but GUESS WHAT. In 365 days, I am going to share how sometimes the biggest downfalls can be your biggest come ups.

You’ll get to see how I eliminate 6,000+ in debt, I am going to learn the basics on how to garden and will grow fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers this summer.

Although my boyfriend is a GREAT cook, I definitely need to learn how to cook… being that I am 22 years old… and I think at that age I should be able to make Mac N Cheese without it burning to the bottom of the pot…

I will show you how I start better habits and stay consistent in waking up early, working out, eating better. The list really goes on and on. I will share workouts I enjoy doing, products that I swear by, and recipes I learned and LOVED (which I do have one to share already… SO GOOD.) I will share my progress on all of these things and show you how once you decide to just do the damn thing, things start to become a little easier.

I love all the feed back I get from my readers. I love inspiring you and getting content suggestions. In 2020, I want to give you all 20 times more then I’ve given in the last 5 years of me blogging.

Recipes, life, health, progression… It’ll all be here. I hope you’re as excited as I am!!!!

thank you for all the support I’ve received so far. All the feed back & kind words. Everyone that has commented, liked, or shared my post. Anyone that has repost my posts.

You all rock.

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