Best skin care products for Accutane!


I think this is a long awaited topic for me to write about…

ACCUTANE! What is it? What is it all about? What are the best products for accutane?

Accutane is basically an overdose of Vitamin A. It dries you from the inside out. Weird, huh?

Let me first drop some before and after pictures:


I remember before I started accutane I was researching anywhere that I possibly could to get information on what was portrayed to me as a very scary and dangerous drug. I never felt like I found the information I was looking for, so I hope to share all the things to you guys that I didn’t get before I started!

Let me tell you a little more about me and my journey with accutane before I get to the nitty-gritty of accutane itself and I will share my fav products, I will also share my accutane instagram account that I have used to document my journey so far.

I have been on accutane from almost a year now (not all at one time). I started accutane on September 28th, 2018 and I finished it March 20th, 2019. I started it again on October 4th of this year and I am currently still on it. A lot of my family has taken accutane – unfortunately, bad skin runs in my family.

My sister took accutane 3 times – I heard how bad it was and heard all these scary stories about accutane and I swore to myself I would NEVER take it……. fast forward 3 years…. August, 2018… I absolutely had enough with my skin. I was done. So I gave in and made my first appointment.

Just know, accutane is usually last resort to get prescribed to you. They will make you try all sorts of topical medication before-hand. Which I had been doing since I was in 6th grade – so I was able to get it right away.

They really don’t tell you how crazy it is just to get your first prescription. And this is all knowledge on being a woman, I don’t particularly know the procedure for a male.  You have to make your first appointment, then you take a pregnancy test to make sure you’re not pregnant, you have to enroll in the iPledge program (basically a program where you PROMISE you will NOT get pregnant), you have to verify you are on two forms on birth control (condoms count as one), you have to take a quiz so the dermatologist knows that you’re well educated on all the possible side effects and the dangers of getting pregnant. THEN you can make another appointment a month later, take another pregnancy, take the quiz, and then get your prescription. You do this every single month.

Appointment. Pregnancy Test. iPledge Test.

One month you will end up getting a blood test to test to make sure your liver is still in good shape. Yes, accutane is very bad for your liver. Which is why they tell you not to drink on it.

Side note: you do have to pass the quiz…..

Anyways, so that is the steps to even get your first prescription in hand. Crazy.

I will be 100% honest with you – I did NOT get the side effects that a lot of people talk about. My sisters biggest side effect I think was her hair falling out (which was not a permanent thing…. she just had A LOT of hair and it would come out really easy).

This is second round of accutane for me now. I have had more side effects then the first time but nothing unbearable. I had dry skin but it wasn’t anything unbearable. My lips were probably the worst when it came to being dry. I have done both rounds in the winter, so it got even more dry and my lips cracked a lot and it would HURT. I tried a lot of different chapsticks on my lips for the dryness – aquaphor, vaseline, blistex. Personally, vaseline has been my life saver. I literally carry a 7.5 oz container around because you really can’t ever lose that thing LOL. The first time I did accutane, I didn’t get the 7.5 oz one. I had the baby vaselines everywhere, and aquaphors and other chapsticks just in case I lose one…. which I did, ALL the time. But here on the second go-around since buying the 7.5 oz, I have yet to lose anything and yes I get laughed at when I pull out a jug of vaseline from my purse. It’s totally fine.

This second time around, I have found my joints have hurt a little worse. It comes and goes. But when it comes, it does make me want to sit on the couch and not move for awhile. I have had eczema since I was little and always get it in the winter, so that really flared up on accutane as well but they prescribe me hydrocortisone for that.

Okay, so some other product lifesavers I have used while on accutane:

Girls, when it comes to removing your makeup… I have found out that makeup wipes have been WAY too harsh on my skin. I have tried all different brands of makeup wipes and for a lack of better terms, they piss off my skin. I saw this makeup remover in my sisters bathroom and I used it and I LOVED IT. My skin has yet to get irritated by it, and it seriously gets off all your makeup. Eye makeup and all. Which is awesome. I will use it even it when I haven’t worn any makeup and I was just outside all day and it was hot, and it will still get dirt off my skin. Gross. I would take it to the pool, to the lake, etc. This is a holy grail to me. This miracle stuff is called Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water.  That specific one is for all skin types and I have found that to be the truth – I use it when my skin is dry or oily. If it’s dry is seems to moisturize it more and if it’s oily, it gets rid of a lot of the oils. I have been super impressed with stuff. I will also just buy cotton pads from walmart or whatever and use that to put the micellar water on. Male or female, this stuff is great. I use it on my boyfriend too, hehe.

LOTION. You are NOT supposed to use fragrances lotion. I learned this by experience. It made my hands break out in hives. Heck, I remember cooking dinner one day and I was using seasonings and it made my entire hand break out in red dots. OUCH. I bet if I knew about the Micellar water then it would have solved my problem LOL.

I do use Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer and it has always worked great for me. I don’t use the face wash though because to be honest, I hate it. I don’t feel like it’s soapy enough. I use Skin Food Egg White Face Wash. This will feel like it’s drying your skin out pretty  significantly when you use it but it’s not and just always use moisturizer afterwords. But, egg whites are REALLY good for your skin. They help with tightening and firming your skin and they help close pores to reduce build up in your skin. You can also literally make a mask out of egg whites from your fridge.

I have documented my entire journey on instagram and you are more then welcome to follow me there or just check out more progress pictures or if you have any other questions on things that I didn’t cover! (@chloe.accutane)

Accutane really hasn’t been all that bad for me and I have thankful I decided to go on it. It really did change my life and my outlook on myself. Happy and healthy skin really does boost your confidence. It’s important though to know and understand that we are beautiful no matter what. Like I said, accutane is last resort. There are a lot of other skin care products that may help your skin. Sometimes it’s just hormonal.

Skin is weird. Ugh.

I hope this helped.

7 thoughts on “Best skin care products for Accutane!

  1. Thank you for all of your information and advice on accurate, Chloe! This is great that I know I can follow you and ask you questions whenever I need to. Also thanks for the information you gave me personally when I DMed you a few weeks ago. You are very honest and encouraging, which gives me hope for my daughter’s skin. Take care and keep shining! You are beautiful!

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