her mind is made up of words that no one can understand. her eyes drown in pain.

love fills her heart but heartache flows through her veins. do they see her? can they hear her?

she is invisible.

she always wanted to be invisible, now she realizes she always has been.

she carries a storm within her bones, one that contains both chaos and calmness.

she is a paradox.

she has nothing to give herself, as she has given it all way.

she has loved a lot, and destroyed a lot. contaminating and infecting anyone who goes near her. poisonous.

she seeks comfort and only finds it in a pen. the paper doesn’t reject her feelings and the pen doesn’t stop her from writing it. it is the only place she finds freedom. it is the only time she feels heard.


a pen can’t hug her. paper can’t tell her it will be okay. they can’t give her the love she has given to people.

despite the world draining a beautiful soul, she still loves like she was never broken and trusts like shes never been betrayed.

she finds good in the bad, and beauty in the ugly. even when they’ve never proven to deserve it.

knots in her throat.

her light is dimming.

then she will be, invisible, forever.

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