Well, this is kind of new for me. Creating a whole blog post in honor of an incredible women. (Also, please don’t mind my messy blog at the moment. It is currently under construction to make it ~better~.

Anyways, today is Sasha Berscheid’s birthday. Let me be 100% honest, I have never personally met Sasha before (YET), but she is truly nothing but a light in this community. This women is an inspiration to me every day. She is the founder of Project Intentional which is a non profit created by ‘bad ass women to help other bad ass women’. I am so thankful to have come across her on social media – she has motivated, encouraged, and helped so many women and mothers in the last few years.

I recently found out she was a Virgo as well…. I knew there was something else that was so great about her 😉

This idea that she had back in 2019, she turned it into a reality. It is an idea that I really hold so close to my heart – I have a blog post I created back in 2015 that talks about empowering women and mothers. In 2021, it has now become a movement for women all across the country. We are finally coming together to recognize the power we hold as women. We are demanding equal rights and respect, we are inspiring, motivating, and educating each other.

I came across Sasha online when my I started turning my anger into passion. I became so passionate for Female Empowerment.

During the last year and half, people have been struggling more than ever. The amount of women I saw post on Facebook needing help for themselves and their baby they had to raise on their own was absolutely unreal and heart wrenching. Domestic violence and abuse sky rocketed during the Pandemic. So many women beaten and abused. Depression and anxiety sky rocketed. So many women depressed and alone, many of them being mothers. And I was angry at this.

I was angry. I was so angry. I was ready to start my own non-profit on the spot. I started searching other Female Empowerment non-profits and that is when I came across Sasha and Project Intentional. Everything she has doing was exactly what I had visualized and was creating in my my head. Even down to web design and her photo’s she has on her website. I was actually in a lot of shock. I was sitting at my desk and I thought, ‘Oh my god, this is exactly what I want to be apart of. This is exactly what I was envisioning if I had to create this myself.’

I messaged Sasha so quick and said something along the lines of “I WANT TO FUCKING JOIN!”

She added me to the private Facebook groups and BAM. It wasn’t long after that that I realized how incredible this woman truly was.

Not only have I been able to network and connect with so many other amazing women now because of Sasha, but I’ve genuinely found my niche and what I am passionate about when it comes to helping others. As most know, I am a Realtor. I am just beginning this journey and I believe this journey will lead me to financial freedom which is what I want for all of my sisters. I am documenting my journey, so I can share it with so many others. I may specialize in Real Estate, but my journey can apply to any Entrepreneur. And if you hate that fucking 9-5, I am going to show you how to get the hell out of it. I am going to motivate you, the same way Sasha motivates me (DAILY might I add….) to do what you love. Be fearless. Turn a thought into your reality.

Please, if there is anything that you do today, please visit Join us, donate, and please wish Sasha the happiest of birthday’s.

As I reconstruct my blog – you will see a lot of Project Intentional, my business (being a realtor), and a lot of motivation, inspiration, and guidance to also turn dreams in reality.

I, as a women, have also been at rock bottom before. And when you hit the bottom, you can choose to stay there or your only other option is to rise to occasion and keeping moving forward.

I know the importance of needing that little kick in the ass to get you going again, Sasha is my kick in the ass everyday.

Happy Birthday, Sasha! Keep doing you, always.

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